September 15, 2014

goal: doesn’t matter if i get accepted, i’m gonna prepare to apply to 3 doctorate programs in december 2015 for fall 2016. 

September 15, 2014

I need you to think about why in order for you to care about my safety you have to relate to me as a sister niece daughter wife mom grandma or whatever as if I need to prove my femininity in order for you to care
Do you know I am a person and just by virtue of being a person I deserve respect, my body and mind to be safe, as I feel you do too? Chew on that shit ok

September 15, 2014
"dear white people, i don’t give a fuck about what you think, about your privileges, your whatever —- your confessionals and telling me how white supremacy manifests in your life or your attraction and appreciation of me as a queer person of color so smart so loving and willing to process shit with you. what i care about is what you do long after i’m gone from the room, i care about what you do from here on out, long after people give you ally cookies for being good and doing good. will you still be trying to dismantle shit inside yourself and in your everyday, long after no one’s watching you anymore? that’s what i care about. but you know, that’s a tall fucking order and i try not to keep my hopes up with people who walk around with knives that they don’t know how to use."

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September 15, 2014

believing in someone, believing in the love i have for people, especially people i share so much intimate spaces with, won’t protect me from getting hurt physically or emotionally, but it will protect my spirit and theirs. so i’m going to trust that. bahala na. 

September 14, 2014

why i can’t be poly right now:

when i was poly it was like —- i was finding bits and pieces of the love that i wanted, in different people. i was also finding bits and pieces of the love that was lacking, the ones that i already had but couldn’t yet figure out how to give to myself. so i was poly not because i had so much love, i was lacking it and was looking to other people and using their bodies and hearts to fill myself up. but i was filling myself up with other peoples’ desires and dreams in order to feel whole, i used being poly as a buffer to prevent intimacy so i don’t get hurt. but it had the opposite effect —- i hurt myself and people around me. all of these things i need to critically ask myself why before i can say yes to poly again. 

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